Der kunstsinnige König
(The Art-Loving King)

Theatrical guided tour (one man-show) by Dominique Caillat, directed by Uwe von Grumkow.

Location: Villa Ludwigshöhe, Edenkoben.

„Art is my main concern!“, cries out a passionate man, identifying with King Ludwig I of Bavaria, whom he is writing about. The spectators are crowded around him, listening to every word, soon following him through Villa Ludwigshöhe, a sumptuous villa that was built by the Bavarian Monarch in the mid 19th century. The writer-actor, obsessed with his theme, tells it all: Ludwig’s untiring attempts at poetry, his huge architectural projects (he built the modern Munich), his disastrous love affair with the great Lola Montez, his political difficulties, becoming serious already with the famous Hambacher demonstrations in 1832, culminating in the 1848 revolution that eventually led to his abdication. Besides the king’s dramatic life, the spectators learn much about his beloved holiday villa, with its Italian façades and its splendid Pompeian frescoes, its slow dereliction and its renovation after World War II, its renewed life today as a museum and concert hall.

Script: Dominique Caillat.
Direction: Uwe von Grumbkow.
Performer: Markus Maier.
Producer: Generaldirektion kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz.

Sundays: 4:30 pm
Length: 60 Minutes

Information and tickets 06323 9 30 16