Gladiator Valerius

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Genre: theatrical guided tour (one-man-show) by Dominique Caillat.

Location: Amphitheatre Trier.

In and around the combat arena of the Trier Amphitheatre, Valerius leads the spectators through shadowy passageways, cellars, and the remains of ancient towers, telling the story of his life as a gladiator, back in the first century AC.

Dominique Caillat’s script thrillingly portrays the history of the freed slave Valerius, who was blinded by the prospects of fame and fortune and came to realize that there was no turning back from the gladiatorial life. While he was housed in the gladiatorial school barracks, it was the friendship with Metellus, and arena veteran that helped the young Valerius to survive all the pressures of gladiatorial life. But then came the great day…

Script and direction: Dominique Caillat. Actors (in rotation): Klaus-Michael Nix, Jörg Mayer, Tim Olrik Stöneberg, Thom Nowotny, Markus Friedmann.

Producer: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz.

Friday-Saturday: 6 pm und 8 pm
Sunday and holidays: 6 pm
Friday-Saturday 5 pm and 7 pm
Sunday and holidays: 5 pm
Length: 1h15
Information and tickets: 0651 97 80 80


"Trier has a new hero: a strong man named Valerius. He survived many years of brutal fighting and now tells about battles, in which a spear and a dagger were more important than well-crafted, sharp speech… The spectators are in awe, fascinated. And meanwhile, the word has got around that this is the cleverest historical show in town, so that many people hopelessly stand in queue, hoping for return tickets.”
(Trierischer Volksfreund)