Niemandsland (No Man's Land)

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Genre: play by Dominique Caillat.

Niemandsland plays in a detention centre for youth criminals and tells about a rehabilitation project, in which eight young delinquents are induced by a therapist to confront their crimes. The participants belong to rival German and immigrant gangs, who have fallen into a non-ending spiral of violence and reprisals against one another. The therapist brings the past and the origins of their conflict back to life and confronts the members of the gangs with their victims, their parents and each other. A dialogue ensues. However, outside the prison, political forces are gathering, which threaten to destroy the rehabilitation project in spite of its growing success. A moment of hope is about to be shattered. Between satire and realism, comedy and tragedy, Niemandsland addresses a number of themes such as youth violence, racism, integration and identity problems among migrants, generation conflicts, and asylum. But above all, Niemandsland is a tragedy about love and power.

18 actors (10 girls, 8 boys).

Length: 2h.

Music: soundtrack and songs.

Public: youth 13+.

Commission of the Cultural Summer of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Youth Theatre of Koblenz.

Performances in the Kulturfabrik Koblenz, sold out 4-week run. Director: Dominique Caillat. Sets: Christian Binz. Costumes: Victoria Behr and Marion Durban-Schneider. Music: Tobias Steiger. Lights: Tom Knopp.




“A play that manages to be sensitive and striking at the same time, that is thought-provoking but never patronizing, that is so extraordinarily exciting and entertaining, deserves to become a runner… Fantastically directed by author Dominique Caillat… The public was enthusiastic… many hilarious moments… difficult themes are taken right out of day to day reality… produces a real shower of contradictory feelings…”
(Rheinzeitung Koblenz)