Les Misérables

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Genre: children play by Dominique Caillat.

Stage adaptation of Victor Hugo's great social novel: morality, love and revolution in 19th century France.

12 actors, all of them performing several parts.

Length: 90 Minutes.

Music: soundtrack, stage music and songs.

Public: children (7+) and adults.

“A theatre maker of professional calibre... D. Caillat swirls non-stop between stage, technique and the hall, as if propelled by a turbocharger... corrects posture or voice, conveys earnestly or with wit the joy of performing, the techniques of powerful drama and silent emotions, the tone of dreams, the translation of feeling and imagination into movement… She works with great precision, concentration and energy …”
(Rheinzeitung Feuilleton, about a rehearsal)

“The play, very demanding for the actors, was brilliantly performed by the children. Using only few props, they managed to transmit to the public in a most gripping way, a true picture of the 19th century.”
(Andernacher Stadtzeitung)